Peak 7164 (Skunk Creek Peak)

Elevation: 7,164 ft
Prominence: 304

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The summit.

This peak is not in the book. Published June 2019

Peak 7164 is located due north of Skunk Creek Summit and several miles south of East Mountain on the North Fork Range Crest. This area is covered by dense forest but the peak’s broad summit area has scattered meadows and a view. USGS Skunk Creek Summit

The summit.

The summit of Peak 7164.

Peak 7164 Skunk Creek Peak

This big fir is growing directly on the high point.

Access and Route, Class 2

The West Slopes of the North Fork Range in the vicinity of this peak are traversed by the FS-417 road system. If you search Google Maps for East Mountain, you will be provided with directions to the lookout from ID-55 which will take you right by this Peak 7164’s West and North Slopes. It is an easy walk from the road to the summit. The crux is the road cut you must ascend at the beginning. Be advised that the road climbs nearly 3,000 feet and there are a lot of steep pitches. The approach crosses private property (via a public access) at first and is roughly maintained through the private property. Once in the National Forest, the road quality improves. Nevertheless, a 4WD vehicle is recommended.

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Mountain Range: Western Salmon River Mountains

Year Climbed: 2019

Longitude: -115.92629   Latitude: 44.38279

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