Peak 8238 (Gora Euzkotarak Peak)

This peak is not in the book. Peak 8238, also known as Gora Euzkotarak Peak,¬†is located north of the main crest of the Soldier Mountains in the Boise National Forest. The peak is located in a very scenic area with giant views of the surrounding mountains and countryside. A carved marker on the summit contains the words Gora Euzkotarak, which … Continue reading

Peak 8382 (Basque Peak)

This peak is not in the book. Basque Peak is located in the Sawtooth National Forest. The peak lies north and west of the main Soldier Mountains Crest on a long ridgeline that descends from Smoky Mountain to the South Fork Boise River. The peak can be climbed from any place along FS-010 (see below), which traverses the peak’s eastern … Continue reading

Peak 8180 (Salt Creek Peak)

This peak is not in the book. Peak 8180, also known as Salt Creek Peak, sits on the north side of the Soldier Mountains Crest and west of Crouch Summit in the Sawtooth National Forest. The views of the Soldier Mountains, Boise Mountains and Smoky Mountains in this area are massive and include, among many other notable summits, Steele Mountain, … Continue reading


The Lost River Range is covered in the book on Pages 265-295. All of the Lost River Range peaks covered by this website can be found at this link: Lost River Range Updates. The Lost River Range stretches 70 miles from northwest to southeast between Challis, ID and Arco, ID. The Big Lost River Valley and Salmon River flank the … Continue reading


The Soldier Mountains are discussed on Pages 214-217 of the book. Updated July 2019 The Soldier Mountains are located north of Fairfield, Idaho at the southern edge of the Idaho batholith. The range¬†covers a roughly triangular piece of real estate 30 miles wide and 15 miles from north to south. This range is bordered by the Camas Prairie to the … Continue reading