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Rice Peak in happier days. USFS Photo

August 26, 2018. Idaho’s Mountaineering History is covered in the book on pages 12 to 26. The history discussion was based on many sources inluding interviews, register entries, magazine articles and newspaper articles. Recently, I scanned two of the source articles from the Idaho Statesman, a 1935 article by Robert Fulton and a 1948 article by Jack Anderson. Read these interesting articles at the following links:

A Trip to the Top of Idaho

1948 Idaho Statesman Article: Here’s a Club for You to Join But It’s A Rough Organization

Technical climbers can now learn about the Pins and Needles Climbing area thanks to the contribution of the guide made possible by Doug Colwell. Learn about the multitude of technical climbing opportunities at the following link:

Pins and Needles Climbing Guide by Oly Klosof

For those entertaining climbing Idaho’s 11,000 foot peaks, the Brocky Peak page has been completely revised. Brocky is a difficult peak by any measurement.

The northwest Gully Route. John Platt Photo

The northwest Gully Route. John Platt Photo

July 11, 2018. For orientation purposes, I am updating the massive Salmon River Mountains by adding all of the sections contained in the book. From the side bar or the Mountain Ranges page you can create lists for Salmon River peaks contained in each of the sections shown below.

Elsewhere, Erik Pohlmann has become the first person to climb all of the peaks found in the Danskin Mountains. Erik has been adding route write ups for his climbs. Search for Erik Pohlman and you will be able to read all of Erik’s contributions.

Read about fire lookouts on the Boise National Forest: Boise National Forest Fire Lookouts 

February 28, 2018. Is it time to start planning your summer adventures? The website now includes over 1,300 updates covering Idaho peaks, climbing routes, and access routes including many that Margo and I added to the website over the winter. As always we are thankful to our contributors who are the moving force behind the website. This entry focuses on Colorado climber Livingston Douglas’ contributions.

Livingston was one of the earliest contributors to this website and made his first contribution over 15 years ago. Over the winter he provided us with access updates and route descriptions for 84 different Idaho peaks that he has climbed since 2009. While his Idaho adventures have focused on Continental Divide peaks, he has also ventured throughout eastern Idaho and climbed many of that area’s most popular peaks.

Livingston’s meticulousness updates constitute a serious upgrade to both the information found in the book and this website. In several instances, the updated access information provides alternative routes around areas closed (since the book was published) by private landowners. I cannot stress enough the value of his in-depth contributions that will make it much easier for you to plan climbs of these peaks.

You can read each of his updates by clicking on the links below.

White Knob Mountains

Shelly MountainWhite Knob Mountain, Wildhorse Peak, Mackay Peak and
Cabin Mountain

Pioneer Mountains

Patterson Peak 8350Copper Basin KnobHoward PeakPeak 11151 (The Ramp)Double U PeakSmiley Mountain, and Peak 10942 (Purgatory Peak)

Beaverhead Mountains

Pyramid Peak 9616, Peak 10042Morgan Mountain, Peak 7911 (Pioneer Creek Peak), Peak 9940 (Rock Island Peak), Sheep Mountain 9858, Freeman PeakMonument Peak, Peak 9992South Freeman PeakElk Mountain aka Horse Prairie BMPeak 10126 (Clear Creek Peak)Copperhead PeakCopperhead East PeakSacagawea East aka North DoubletSacagawea West aka South DoubletConical TopPeak 9725 (Goldstone West)Peak 9735 (Goldstone North), Mount Carpenter, Copper Mountain and Mount Gilcrest

Boulder Mountains

Griswold PeakBoulder Peak and North Ryan Peak

Lost River Range

Little MacLimestone PeakUSGS PeakMount McCalebNorth TwinSouth TwinTrinity PeakHope PeakWet PeakMountaineer Peak and Gooseberry Peak a.k.a. Mount Darcy

White Clouds

Fourth of July Peak, Ivory Peak, Ebony Peak, Cardiac PeakPeak 10718 (Hourglass Peak), WCP-2, WCP-3, WCP-7, WCP-8 and Peak 10182 (Iron Basin Peak)

Lemhi Range

Buck Lakes Peak, Lem PeakBig Creek Peak, Flatiron Mountain, Tendoy PeakMcNutt Peak, West Rocky Peak and Rocky Peak

Snake River Range

Mount Baird, Baldy Mountain 9835, Elkhorn Peak, and Peak 9722 (Hells Hole Peak a.k.a. Little Elk Peak)

Henrys Lake Range

Belack MountainTarghee Peak and North Targhee Peak

Centennial Mountains

Red Rock Mountain and Mount Jefferson