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January 18, 2023. According to the definitive list found on the Lists of John website, Idaho has 8,190 peaks and associated formations like county high points and rock formations found in places like the City of Rocks National Reserve. Of this total, 5,860 peaks have at least 300 feet of prominence. The majority of Idaho’s peaks are unnamed. Of course, it is unlikely that all of these peaks are of interest to climbers because they are covered by trees/brush or they have been completely logged (especially in northern Idaho). There are at least 100 peaks that are located on private property and are off limits to the public. Despite the lack of desirability of some Idaho peaks, there are more than enough peaks to keep a climber busy.

The website now covers 2,790 peaks including county high points. This is roughly 2,000 more than are found in the book. Many of the peaks updates on the website include multiple new routes. In addition to new peaks and climbing routes, there is a lot of climbing history added to the website during the last year. The book is still a great resource and goes hand-in-hand with the website.

Here are a few of the outstanding additions to the website that were published during 2022:

New Technical Climbing Routes in the Bighorn Crags

Ship Island Climbing 2020 by Jim Pace

Some New Sawtooth History

Kong and Us by Bob Boyles

Technical Climbing Routes on Storm Dome

Storm Dome: https://www.idahoaclimbingguide.com/bookupdates/storm-dome/

And Finally an Out of the Way Gem

Guffey Tower (as told by Tom McLeod) by Bob Boyles

June 12, 2022. John Platt, a long time contributor to this website unexpectedly passed away in February. In addition to his extensive climbing resume of Idaho’s highest peaks, John was the expert on the mountains surrounding McCall, Idaho. He was also a world-class bike racer in his younger days when he was a member of the 1980 U.S. Olympic Cycling Team, a mentor to many bike racers and climbers, and a jack of all trades. Read more about this incredible man at the following link: John Platt

John and Julie Platt on the summit. That’s Granite Lake in the background with Blacktip Mountain on the horizon. John Platt Photo


June 22, 2021.
 There are now 2,300 updates to Idaho A Climbing Guide on the website. The updates include updates and new routes for many peaks in the book and the addition of hundreds of peaks that are not in the book. I have also added additional articles covering Idaho’s climbing history.

Read about a little of my Idaho Climbing History in the following article:

Bell Mountain—a Forty Year Journey 1980 – 2020

And Yes, Norman Clyde climbed in Idaho:

The Missing Link: Norman Clyde in Idaho

Thanks to all of the contributors who have helped make this website successful.

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