Arval Anderson, Early Sawtooth Explorer and Surveyor.

Dave Pahlas provided the following historical information about Arval Anderson who was an early surveyor and mountaineer in the Sawtooths. He is credited with naming several Sawtooth peak. Dave reports that “on the summit of Peak 9704”, I found a large stone marker proposing that the peak be named after Arval L. Anderson. This led to some Internet searching and … Continue reading

Elephant’s Perch – Pacydermial Pleasantries 1977 by Ray Brooks

Ray Brooks Bio It was love at first sight with me and Idaho’s Sawtooth Range. Rotten rock, mosquito bogs, and the annual July plague of biting flies: all failed to dampen my ardor. In 1971, I discovered Elephant’s Perch. It is a massive dome of beautiful pink granite (Leucocratic quartz monzonite). Its’ very clean and solid 1,200 foot high west … Continue reading

Lost River Range Volcanoes by Rick Baugher

Volcanoes and related igneous flows are a staple of the Pacific Northwest landscape, so it is interesting to observe that Idaho’s highest mountain range presents a 60 mile front of sedimentary limestone. How did these Lost River mountains align the way they did, and how did they reach their current height? Much can be explained by the movements of the … Continue reading


For more on fire lookouts see the following articles: Boise National Forest Fire Lookouts  and An Overview of the Lookouts on the Salmon National Forest By the 1930’s the Forest Service had a goal to “put a firewatch on every mountaintop”. Idaho ended up with 989 fire lookout structures- more than any other state in the Pacific Northwest. Of southern Idaho’s … Continue reading