Volunteers Needed

Idaho: A Climbing A Guide supports the Idaho Trails Association which “promotes the continued enjoyment of Idaho’s hiking trails.” Please visit the Association’s web site and join up. Check the Association’s website for 2015 projects and consider volunteering.   … Continue reading

Idaho’s Steepest Peaks

Need a new list to challenge your climbing habit? Tim Worth has provided us with just that list. His article entitled Idaho Summit Steepness list the steepest 500 Idaho peaks. You will find the list provides both challenges and a surprising number of summits that you and I never thought to climb. Tim has linked the list to the Lists … Continue reading

A Better Approach To Donaldson And Church

I recently learned that climbers have established a better approach route leading to the Church-Donaldson cirque. This route utilizes the next drainage north from the traditional Jones Creek approach. You can read about this approach on the Donaldson Peak page. Climbing Mount Church and Donaldson Peak just got easier. It is evident when you travel this route that it has … Continue reading

Clint Cummins Sawtooth Rock Climbing Route Ratings and Descriptions..

California climbing legend Clint Cummins has contributed the web page he put together documenting many technical climbs in the Sawtooths. It is the single best resource I know of for Sawtooth rock climbing on the Elephants Perch and many other iconic Sawtooth formations like the Finger of Fate and the Goat Perch as well as lesser know features like the Black buttress. … Continue reading

Backcountry Cooking Gone Wild

Steve Weston’s  backpacking cookbook, IN THE WILD Chef, can make life better in any base camp. Steve notes that  “Many a hungry backpacker has arrived at camp to the dismal sight of an over-priced, freeze-dried meal….. and resolved immediately with intense conviction that the menu must be improved. The outdoor experience provides a myriad of different satisfactions for participants, but … Continue reading

18 — 11,000 foot peaks added.

Carl Hamke and Judi Steciak recently became the third and fourth climbers to summit all of Idaho’s peaks exceeding 11,000 feet. (George Reinier, Johnny Roache were the first climbers to climb all of these peak while Judi is the first woman to accomplish this exceedingly difficult task.) Their short article in the Climbing History section describes their quest and lists the … Continue reading