Idaho Summits’ New Peak List: 9 Peaks within 90 Minutes of Boise

Ever have one of those days when around 11:00AM, you think “I should have gone a hiking” and then decided it was too late in the day? Dan Robbins of Idaho Summits fame has come up with a solution to your procrastination: A Peak List and Guide to 9 Peaks within 90 Minutes of Boise. The peak list includes peaks from Guffey Butte in the southwest to Mount Heinen in the north to little known Stargaze Point in the east with 6 others in between. All 9 peaks are good destinations with Guffey Butte the most unique, Mount Heinen the hardest and Shaw Mountain the closest. There is something for every peakbagger on this list.

Check it out at this link: 9 Peaks within 90 Minutes of Boise