Idaho 12ers

Idaho has over 5,000 peaks that have 300 plus feet of prominence and many more worthwhile peaks and formations that have less than 300 feet of prominence but Idaho has only nine summits that reach above 12,000 feet. These are the 12ers. The nine Idaho 12ers are the most sought after goals for Idaho climbers lead by Idaho’s tallest peak, Mount Borah. While the 12ers are rivaled by many lesser Idaho peaks in terms of esthetics and climbing difficulty, all of them are outstanding scenically and challenging climbs.  Climbing them will test your mountaineering skills, your will power and your conditioning.

Each of the Idaho 12ers has its own page and Mount Borah, as the tallest, has three dedicated pages covering its Standard Route, its history and one covering its many other routes. Click on the photos below to read about each peak.

Here are a few links to articles about the Idaho 12ers:

Wes Collins’ excellent article on climbing the 12ers in Winter

Steve Stuebner’s 2015 article about Irene Vogel’s Idaho 12er quest.

Luke Nelson’s account of his and Jared Campbell’s 2014 record setting climb of all 12er peaks.

Finally, Dan Robbins is keeping track of climbers who have climbed all the Idaho 12ers. Check out his page and let Dan know when you complete all nine so he can add you to his virtual register.