Big Boy Peak by Larry Prescott

This page contains a condensed version of Larry’s trip report. Check out the full version at this link: Larry Prescott Big Boy Trip Report.

October 31, 2015
Team: James A. and James H.
Route: East Ridge
Class 3
Total Elevation Gain 5,833′
Total Miles: 12.58


Access the peak from ID-28 by taking the Pass Creek Road turn-off just south of Lone Pine on Highway 28. The road is marked by a small “Pass Creek” sign. The Pass Creek Road is usually in good shape and ends at a small campground. The Pass Creek Trail begins here and heads south giving access to the many canyons leading to the Lemhi Crest. The GPS tract below indicates in red the Pass Creek Road from the highway to the campground. The green and yellow mark the route we made.

Larry Prescott’s GPS track. Use the link below to reach his trip report.

Considering our line up Big Boy

Initially, we thought that we would climb the southeast face shown in the above photo. We would ascend up the snow filled gully and through the notch in the cliff band and then traverse east through the snow to the ridge above. After dropping down to the valley floor, we thought better. There was just enough snow to make the rocks extremely slippery. We decided that we would avoid a precarious traverse across a steep slippery slope ending in cliffs. Instead, James A. proposed that we head due north to make the main east ridge. Once on the ridge we could follow it to the summit. This east ridge was Diamondesque and promised some fun climbing.

The upper east ridge of Big Boy Peak. Larry Prescott Photo


We climbed to the right of the rocks on the extreme right of this photo

We climbed to the right of the rocks on the extreme right of this photo.

The ridge was a steady ascent of class 3 climbing. There were plenty of ledges to traverse to find routes with plenty of good foot and hand holds. We were super glad to have taken this route. It provided the needed variety to make the climb interesting and just a bit challenging.

James A. traversing a ledge to find the next line

James A. traversing a ledge to find the next line


Great fun.

Great fun.


On the summit of Big Boy.

On the summit of Big Boy.


During an August climb of The Riddler, I had studied the north approaches to Big Boy and I knew we could drop off the summit into the canyon to the north. However, the slope was snowy and icy. After a slow careful descent and a couple of butt slides we came to a gully of snow that was deep enough to dig a good heel into. Amazing how much such a find becomes so welcomed. It was then an easy stair step to the bottom.

Dropping down the peak' northern slopes.

Dropping down the peak’ northern slopes.