Aiguille, arétes, gendarmes, towers and pinnacles are similar formations that are found on ridges.

Cirques are natural amphitheaters cut into the side of a mountain usually by glaciers.

Col is a low point on a ridge. When I use col, I am referring to a low point that can only be reached by Class 3 or higher climbing.

Gullies, ravines and couloirs are used synonymously to refer to a channel or hollow worn in the earth by a current of water.

Prominence. A peak’s prominence is the difference between the summit height and the height of the peak’s highest saddle. Prominence is synonymous with the term “rise.”

Ranked Peak. A ranked peak as used on the this website is derived from the Lists of John website. LOJ defines a ranked peak as a peak with at least 300 feet of prominence.

Rib is a steep, angular, ridge-like formation that buttresses a face or a ridge. Ribs are part of another feature like a ridge or a face and do not connect points.

Ridge is a distinct, narrow line that drops away steeply on 2 sides. Ridges run from point to point and may connect 2 high peaks or rise out of a valley and run directly to a summit.

Saddles, passes, gaps and summits as in Pass Creek Summit, are used synonymously and refer to a low point on a ridge between 2 higher points.