(F)(1) Elk City and Dixie Access

This page expands on access entry (F)(1) on Page 79 of the book.

Google Maps will give you excellent directions to Elk City and Dixie. For those without smart phones, the following directions will get you to Elk City. Take US-95 to Grangeville. Turn onto Main Street/ID-13 and drive through town. On the east edge of town, you reach the junction of ID-13 and Mount Idaho Grade Road. Turn south/right onto Mount Idaho Grade Road. The road takes a sharp left turn in 0.7 miles and continues through a few houses (i.e., Mount Idaho). Soon thereafter, the road begins a long, steep descent into the South Fork Clearwater River Canyon. At the bottom, the road meets ID-14. Continue straight and follow ID-14 for 38 miles to the Red River Road/FS-222. Go left at this junction to visit Elk City or go right for 14.0 miles to reach the Red River Ranger Station. The Magruder Corridor starts just south of the Ranger Station. Dixie is 15.0 miles farther south on FS-222.