White Knob Access Updates

White Knob Mountains Access is discussed on Pages 264-265 of the book. Access often changes. Ray Brooks provided the following additional updates which should be noted before your trip:

There is now a legal new road up Alder Gulch that stays above the ranches in the creek bottom. Although I think the Mammoth Canyon Road above Stewart Canyon is in fine condition for high-clearance 4WD vehicles, it is (as of 2015) only open to ATVs above the mouth of Stewart Canyon.

The “Mine Hill Road” to Cliff Creek from Mackay, then the hilly and narrow road into Mammoth Canyon, is a better choice than Alder Creek except on busy weekends or after heavy rain. The evening I drove in there in early July, it had rained heavily and I put my SUV in 4WD for the sloppy uphill from Mackay to Cliff Creek. When I got to where the one-lane (with pullouts) road started down into Cliff Creek, I could see that an ATV had recently left 2-foot deep furrows coming up the road. In a moment of wisdom, I put my SUV into Low-Range and started down that hill in my lowest gear at 2 mph. I basically “skied” my vehicle down about 200 yards of wet clay surface with a ditch on my right and eternity on my left. After that scary stretch, the road was just wet and sloppy. I car-camped before the big downhill into Mammoth Canyon and toasted cheating death on wet clay roads. NOTE: The first hilly part of the Naverre Creek Road has some clay surface too.