Peak 6180 (Benewah County HP)

Elevation: 6,180 ft
Prominence: 320

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Peak 6180, the Benewah County High Point. Dan Robbins Photo

This peak is not in the book.

Peak 6180 is the highest point in Benewah County. It is located south of Latour Peak. USGS Twin Crags

Peak 6180, the Benewah County High Point. Dan Robbins Photo

Peak 6180/Benewah County High Point. Dan Robbins Photo

Contributor Ken Jones provided the following route information:

From I-90 west of Pinehurst, take the exit on the east bank of the Coeur d’Alene River and head south on Latour Creek Road. The  pavement ends in 1.4 miles. Follow Latour Creek Road southwesterly, staying on the main road in Latour Creek Valley. Cross the creek on a bridge at 6.3 miles and find a BLM sign identifying the Rochat Divide Road. Continue up the valley to the 9.8-mile mark. Turn left (a sign indicates the route to Twin Crags) and cross a bridge. Reset your odometer to zero.

Driving has been easy in a passenger car until here. We drove our overloaded Honda Accord the rest of the way, but you might want higher clearance. Follow the main, broad road as it winds up the hillside. At a main road switchback at about 2.6 miles from Latour Creek, a key junction is reached. Go right, following the narrower road which contours out on the south facing slope of the ridge. If you don’t, you could waste a lot of time – trust me on this! Follow the main road. It will eventually go up to near the top of the ridge, and then head east. My notes are sloppy, but I think they say to keep uphill (left) at several spurs. At about 2 miles from the key junction, bear left and switchback uphill.

Stick to the old, main road past some new logging spurs. The road will near the ridge and switch back to the right. About 6 miles from the key junction, you’ll reach the saddle between the two high points, with a sign indicating “Twin Crags”. Park here. A serious high-clearance vehicle may be able to continue to the saddle between Mount Wiessner and Twin Crags, or even to the lookout site. My Accord didn’t make it. And turning it was a challenge. The 6-mile drive from the key junction to the saddle took between 45 minutes and an hour in my Accord. These roads aren’t fast.

Head south from the saddle on jeep trails, which will take you to the North Ridge of Point 6168 before they fade. Continue over or across the Northwest Shoulder of Point 6168, following the ridge west to the Benewah County HP. This route is about a mile round-trip with 350 feet of elevation gain.

Mountain Range: Saint Joe Mountains

Longitude: -115.36549   Latitude: 47.41359

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