Profile Peak

Elevation: 8,965 ft
Prominence: 705

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Climbing and access information for this peak is on Pages 120-121. In 2018, John Platt led a group across the ridge. Read his trip report at this link: Profile Loop 2018. The next peak along the ridge is Peak 8615. Updated June 2018

Profile Peak is located at the top of the Big Creek Drainage. It is part of a ridge complex that runs west from Profile Gap to Parks Peak in the Central Salmon River Mountains. It can be climbed by following the ridge from Profile Gap over Crater Peak, Willson Peak and Big Creek Point or via the mining roads that lead from the gap along the North Side of the ridge to the peak’s East Slopes. USGS Profile Gap

Profile Peak from Big Creek Point.

Profile Peak as viewed from Big Creek Point.


Profile Gap is on Big Creek Road/FS-340 [(B)(3.2) on Page 137]. Use the Big Creek Point page to reach the start of the traverse.

Big Creek Point/Profile Traverse, Class 2

The traverse from Big Creek Point to Profile Peak presents no difficulties. Stay on the top or South Side of the ridge as terrain conditions dictate.

GPS track for tje Big Creek Point/Profile Peak Traverse.

GPS track for the Big Creek Point-Profile Peak Traverse.


Mountain Range: Central Salmon River Mountains

Year Climbed: 2018

Longitude: -115.46839   Latitude: 45.0671

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