Aggipah Mountain

Elevation: 9,920 ft
Prominence: 980

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Climbing and access information for this peak is on Pages 123-124 of the book. Updated September 2019

Dave Pahlas recently climbed the route set out in the book and then returned to the saddle south of the summit. He then traversed southwest to climb Peak 9743 which he calls Waterfall Creek Peak and then continued his traverse to Sheepeater Mountain. Dave’s trip report is linked below. USGS Aggipah Mountain

Aggipah Peak from Mount McGuire.

Aggipah Mountain as viewed from Mount McGuire.

Aggipah and Ship Island Lake

Aggipah Mountain and Ship Island Lake as viewed from Mount McGuire.

The southwest ridge of Aggipah. Dave Pahlas Photo

The Southwest Ridge of Aggipah Mountain. Dave Pahlas Photo

Mountain Range: Eastern Salmon River Mountains

Longitude: -114.6381   Latitude: 45.1536

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