Baron Spire

Elevation: 9,211 ft
Prominence: 431

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Climbing and access information for this peak is on Pages 192-193 of the book. Updated August 2020

This peak, also known as Big Baron Spire and Old Smoothie, towers over Baron Creek. A magnitude 4.2 earthquake on August 8, 2020 toppled the top spire off this peak. The imposing spire that stood on top of the peak was an imposing climbing problem first solved by Fred Beckey, Jack Schwabland and Pete Schoening in 1949. Since their first ascent, the peak maintained its reputation as one of the most difficult climbing problems in Idaho. To read more about its history, see Ray Brooks’ article: Fred, Pete and Jack’s Big Sawtooth Adventure. USGS Warbonnet Peak

Southeast side of Big Baron Spire. Becky route traverses to just below the notch from cliffs on left of photo, then stays near ridgeline to the summit block. Ray Brooks Photo

The Southeast Side of Baron Spire before the earthquake. The Beckey Route traverses to just below the notch from cliffs on the left of the photo, then stays near the ridge line to reach the summit block. Ray Brooks Photo

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Mountain Range: Sawtooth Range

Longitude: -115.03869   Latitude: 44.09279

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