Black Mountain 6792 by Livingston Douglas

Elevation: 6,792 ft
Prominence: 92

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This peak is not in the book. Published November 2019

Black Mountain is an unimpressive, forested hump that is dominated by Mountain View Peak to the east. It is an unranked summit with an unclear “high point.” Having wandered around for a while to find a clear high point, I think you can ascertain my opinion of this summit. Not a very good one. USGS Pike Mountain 

Southwest Face, Class 2

Date of Climb: September 23, 2019


From the junction of Rock Creek Road/FSR-515 and FSR-500 (signed at the Magic Mountain Ski Area), drive north then west on FSR-500 for 5.2 miles to a signed junction with FST-232, an ATV trail (a right turn). Park at the base of FST-232 (6,635 feet).

The Climb

Hike up FST-232 for just over ½-mile to reach the SW side of Black Mountain. The summit is located on the first forested hump past the SECOND saddle that FST-232 crosses. Find a decent 2-track jeep road (not shown on maps) heading diagonally NE directly at the summit area (in the forest). Hike up this old road into the forest to the ridge crest, which is a forested, flat area with no clear high point.

The first potential high point is located just to the L/W of the small forest in an open area of scrub. Based on the USGS map, this is probably the high point of Black Mountain. The second potential high point is located to the S of the point where the old road reaches the ridge crest. Bushwhack through a short section of pine forest to reach another open area at the S end of the summit area. This S summit measures 5 feet higher than the W summit, according to Mr. Altimeter. But that’s a close call.

I found no other point in the thick pine forest itself that qualified as a higher point, and I wandered around for a while looking for a cairn or any other sign of previous ascent, and found none. From wherever your wanderings conclude, return to either the old 2-track jeep road or descend W or SW to FST-232 and return back to its origin at FSR-500 where you are parked.

Additional Resources

Mountain Range: South Hills

Longitude: -114.32809   Latitude: 42.22879

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