Blackbird Mountain

Elevation: 9,083 ft
Prominence: 583

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This peak is not in the book. Published June 2019

Blackbird Mountain is located in the Yellowjacket Mountains Subrange of the Salmon River Mountains due east of the Bighorn Crags. USGS Blackbird Mountain

According to Bing Young: Blackbird Mountain, aside from being historically famous for cobalt mining, was one of the first lookouts in the Salmon National Forest. At an altitude of 9,096 feet and near an area inhabited by many people, it easily fit the criteria for early lookouts. It was first mapped as a lookout in 1918 and was the first lookout in the Forest to have the new standard 14‘ x 14′ house. It was listed as a primary lookout until 1929 when it was reclassified as an emergency lookout.

Just when Blackbird was completely abandoned is not clear, but it was likely burned in the 1950s. It is said that a few remains on top, but this has not been verified. Like other high lookouts, Blackbird provides spectacular views of much of the Forest, but the lookout has few specialized views of the high fire hazard country. Blackbird appears to have declined after Gant Mountain, Jureano, and Red Rock became important lookout points. —Salmon National Forest Fire Lookouts by Bing Young 1982, Pages 19-20.


Take the Bighorn Crags Road/FS-114 [(H)( on Page 143] to its junction with FS-167-2 and follow this precipitous 4WD road to the summit. Check with the Forest Service for current road conditions.

Mountain Range: Eastern Salmon River Mountains

Longitude: -114.41639   Latitude: 45.11859

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