Buck Mountain 7780

Elevation: 7,780 ft
Prominence: 520

Buck Mountain viewed from Peak 7740.

This peak is not in the book. Published July 2018

One of six Idaho peaks named Buck Mountain, this peak is located north/northwest of the Landmark Guard Station. This rounded peak is graced by numerous meadows and cursed by many thickets of new growth interspersed with downfall. There are probably a dozen or more ways to reach its summit. I chose the highest available starting point.

Buck Mountain viewed from Peak 7740.

Buck Mountain viewed from Peak 7740.


The Johnson Creek Road, FS-413 [(C)(1.3) page 139] provides good access to this peak. Follow the road north from the Landmark GS. Just past the small Buck Mountain CG turn west onto FS-415. Follow this road west to its unsigned junction with FS-415B. 415B is gradually returning to the earth but was passable in 2018. Follow,the road to either the 7010 entry on the USGS quad or to its end at 7128 feet.

Southwest Ridge, Class 2

This broad ridge is a mess of downfall and new growth in its lower stretches. At roughly 7,300 feet the southeast side of the ridge opens up with stunning meadows (and of course, some downfall). I walked around the large summit area for quite a while till I felt comfortable that I had crossed the highpoint. No views from the top but nice views from the upper ridge.

USGS Landmark

Additional Resources

Mountain Range: Central Salmon River Mountains

Year Climbed: 2018

Longitude: -115.56639   Latitude: 44.68819

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