Calkins Peak (Caulkens Peak)

Elevation: 11,500 ft
Prominence: 1,280

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Climbing and access information for this peak is on Pages 220-221 of the book.

This peak is now officially known as Calkins Peak and is named for Stephen Calkins (1842-1922), who established lode claims in the area. This White Cloud Mountains peak is a popular peak and easily accessed from The Boulder Chain of Lakes area. USGS Boulder Chain Lakes

The south side of Caulkens Peak.

The South Side of Calkins Peak.

Caulkens Peak from Sapphire Lake.

Calkins Peak as viewed from Sapphire Lake.

Caulkens west summit viewed from its east summit.

The West Summit of Calkins Peak as viewed from its East Summit.

Caulkens Peak viewed from WCP-9.

Calkins Peak as viewed from WCP-9.

Mountain Range: White Cloud Mountains

Year Climbed: 1992

Longitude: -114.62419   Latitude: 44.11819


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