Chamberlain Basin Peaks

This area is discussed on Pages 118-119 of the book. Published July 2018

This area of the Salmon River Mountains is perhaps the most remote spot in the Lower 48 States. The North Central section of the Salmon River Mountains is bordered by the Salmon River on the north, Panther Creek on the east, Big Creek on the south, and the tributaries of the South Fork Salmon River on the west. It is a vast area of high rolling county with miles of forest and interspersed peaks. All but the western fringes of this section are within the RNRW. The peaks in this section (in the book) are listed from west to east. Mormon Mountain, with its 2,000 plus feet of prominence, is probably the most sought-after summit. Hiking access from any direction will require long walks with significant elevation gains. This area has several backcountry airstrips which provide the potential for easier albeit more expensive access.

Mountain Range: Central Salmon River Mountains

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