Clifty Mountain

Elevation: 6,705 ft
Prominence: 2,165

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Climbing and access information for this peak is on Page 51 of the book.

Clifty Peak, which has 2,165 feet of prominence, appears to be gaining in popularity as the population of northern Idaho grows. Here is another take on the access which updates the information in the book. USGS Clifty Mountain

Clifty Mountain from Black Mountain. Victor Zhou Photo

Clifty Mountain as viewed from Black Mountain. Victor Zhou Photo

The Clifty Mountain Trail/FST-182 takes you from the trailhead to the summit in 1.5 miles. The trailhead is reached 18.0 miles southeast of Bonners Ferry via Twenty Mile Road/FS-408 and Black Mountain Road/FS-274 which will take you to the trailhead at saddle east of Black Mountain. This trail is reportedly in good shape.

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Mountain Range: Cabinet Mountains

Longitude: -116.22019   Latitude: 48.61419

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