Elk Summit

Elevation: 6,420 ft
Prominence: 800

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This peak is not in the book. Published July 2020

Elk Summit is located 6.0 miles NNW of Elk City, Idaho. This forested summit has been used as a fire lookout since 1911 when a Crows Nest was constructed on the summit. A 100-foot tower was placed on the summit in 1934. This structure is still occasionally used on an emergency basis. Despite the peak’s 800 feet of prominence, there is no view from the summit unless you have the courage to climb the 86 year-old lookout tower. USGS Iron Mountain.

Unlike some of the older towers this one appears recently maintained.

Unlike some of the older towers, this one appears to be recently maintained.


This well built cabin compliments the tower.

This well-built cabin complements the tower.

Access and Route, Class 1

Primary access is via ID-14. Follow ID-14 west to either Newsome Creek or Elk City. FS-1191 can be accessed from either of these starting points. This well-maintained road loops north of Elk Summit. FS-471 (signed for the lookout) leaves FS-1191 north of the summit and leads to the summit. FS-471 is not well maintained. A high-clearance vehicle is recommended.


Mountain Range: Southern Clearwater Peaks

Year Climbed: 2020

Longitude: -115.53939   Latitude: 45.88069

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