Fishhook Spire

Elevation: 9,000 ft
Prominence: 80

Climbing and access information for formation is found on page 169.

The book discusses the confusion surrounding the name of this spire as this name was also used for El Pima at one time.

Fishook Spire from north.

Fishook Spire from north.

Fishhook Spire from the west.

Fishhook Spire from the west.

Additional Resources

Mountain Range: Sawtooth Range

First Ascent Information:

  • First Ascent Year: 1966
  • Season: Summer
  • Route: Southwest Couloir (II, 5.5)
  • Party: R. Maynard and F. Chappel.

Longitude: -114.997938   Latitude: 44.098965


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