Granite Peak

Elevation: 7,232 ft

This peak is found on page 73.


The Nez Perce National Forest maintains a nice web on a trail that brings you within a half mile of the summit. Evidently, the trail over the summit has faded away. Check out the Forest Service site for updates.

The Forest Service description of the trail is as follows:

Scenic views are the main attraction on the Granite Peak trail. It starts at its junction with Elk Mountain Road #285. It begins as a primitive road and climbs 200 feet to the ridgetop. The road continues for two miles along the ridge, crossing two spur roads. A campsite is located on the second spur road, and here the road becomes a trail. The trail climbs to the top of a knoll, then drops down the ridge, with two or three small switchbacks, to a saddle. The tread is fair but with lots of windfall potential. There is a campsite in the saddle. From here the trail climbs steeply out of the saddle and follows the ridgetop to above Elk Lake. This section of trail is rocky in places with lots of windfall. From above Elk Lake, the trail climbs to a rocky knoll covered with beargrass. The trail is faint on top of this knoll, but can be found with some search. The trail descends to its end in a saddle one-half mile southeast of Granite Peak. There is a campsite in the saddle.

Directions: From State Highway 14, turn south onto Red River-Dixie Road #222. Follow Road #222 past Red River Ranger Station (now closed) to its junction with Nezperce Trail Road #468. Turn east onto Road #468 and follow it for 20 miles to its junction with Elk Mountain Road #285. Turn north on Road #285 and follow it for 9.5 miles to the Granite Peak trailhead.

Mountain Range: Southern Clearwater Peaks

Longitude: -115.0907   Latitude: 45.8591

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