Grays Range

This Peale Mountain subrange forms the northernmost extension of the range. This group rises up south of Grays Lake and extends southeast for roughly 10 miles.  The range’s highest point is Henry Peak (8,319 feet elevation; 1,579 feet of prominence), but was originally known as “Lanes Butte,” in honor of HK Lane, a circa 1858 emigrant who is buried along Lander Road in the valley.

Lanes Butte is shown as such maps on the USGS Lanes Creek 15-minute quad of 1915. Later in 1915, HH Hodgeson and TM Bannon established a triangulation station on this summit and called it “Henry” for the town near the newly-constructed Blackfoot Reservoir. Thus Lanes Butte and Henry Peak are one and the same mountain. Other peaks in this small range include: “Little Gray Ridge” (8,050 feet elevation; 990 feet of prominence), “Cutoff Hill” (7,535 feet elevation; 555 feet of prominence), Peak 7442 (with 342 feet of prominence) and “Wayan Peak” (8,142 feet elevation; 562 feet of prominence). This subrange is administered by the Caribou-Targhee National Forest.

Thanks to Rick Baugher for providing the historical information above.

Mountain Range: Peale Mountains

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