Green Mountain

Elevation: 7,227 ft
Prominence: 707

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Green Mountain and its tall, nearly abandoned lookout.

Climbing and access information for this peak is on Page 73 of the book.

Green Mountain is a broad summit with an imposing wooden fire lookout tower on its summit. You can drive to the summit with a high-clearance vehicle. Leave the Magruder Corridor Road 19.9 miles from its western terminus and turn onto the Elk Mountain Road/FS-285. This road is steeper and narrower than the Magruder Corridor Road and goes up and down and around the ridge that leads to Green Mountain. The side road that leads from the main road to the summit was not signed in 2017 and it is a rougher road than Elk Mountain Road. USGS Green Mountain

Green Mountain and its tall, nearly abandoned lookout.

Green Mountain and its tall, nearly-abandoned lookout.

Unlike most of this area, Green Mountain has not burned. The view from the old lookout is stunning. The lookout appears to have had some recent repairs but still could use more work.

Additional Resources

Mountain Range: Southern Clearwater Peaks

Year Climbed: 2017

Longitude: -115.07609   Latitude: 45.77101

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