Horton Peak

Elevation: 9,954 ft
Prominence: 276

Climbing and access information for this White Cloud peak is found on page 227. 

The trail to this peak is a popular hike in the summer and for good reason. The view on the top of the White Clouds is massive and the view of the Sawtooths is breath taking. The trail climbs to the summit in just over 2,700 feet in 3.0 miles. USGS Horton Peak

Horton Peak from east.

Horton Peak from east.

Horton Peak LO

The Horton Peak Lookout is not open to the public.

The Horton Peak trail is in good shape and easy to follow
as of 9/27/00. The access is road is rutted and better suited
for 4WDs.

Mountain Range: White Cloud Mountains

Year Climbed: 2000

Longitude: -114.74839   Latitude: 43.96569

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