Little Sister Peak

Elevation: 10,717 ft
Prominence: 577

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Climbing and access information for this peak is on Page 308 of the book.

Little Sister Peak and Big Sister Peak are most often climbed from Mud Springs. Both peaks are climbed as part of the Lemhi Enchainment, Little Sister Peak to Foss Mountain Route pioneered by Larry Prescott.  Use the links below to read about recent climbs. Class 2. USGS Bell Mountain

Little Sister. Larry Prescott Photo

Little Sister Peak. Larry Prescott Photo

This map,shows Larry Prescott's track from Mud Springs to Little and Big Sister peaks. Larry Prescott Map

This map shows Larry Prescott’s track from Mud Springs to Little Sister Peak and Big Sister Peak. Larry Prescott Map

The summit of Little Sister. Dan Robbins Photo

The summit of Little Sister Peak. Dan Robbins Photo

Mountain Range: Lemhi Range

Longitude: -113.14701   Latitude: 44.15859

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