Lookout Mountain 6711 by Livingston Douglas

Elevation: 6,711 ft
Prominence: 331

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This peak is not in the book. Published November 2019

Lookout Mountain has no fire lookout on it. Nor are the views from the top very impressive. But it is named, ranked, and has a USGS benchmark. So I suppose it has some redeeming value. Contrary to the Wolverine Creek Area Trails Map, there is no trail to the top (e.g., FST-131). Lord knows I wish there was. This is a seldom-visited summit. The easiest access is via the relatively-open southeast ridge. USGS Hawley Gulch

Southwest Ridge, Class 2+


From the signed “Y” junction of FSR-218 and FSR-217, drive 0.7 mile southeast down Table Rock Canyon on FSR-217 to Poison Flat. The Table Rock Group Campground is located here. Park along the road in a minor pullout (5,700 feet).

The Climb

From Poison Flat, cross the shallow stream in Hawley Gulch and bushwhack east through a short section of steep forest. You will get some help from game trails here. Go left/northeast up a very steep hillside to reach a shoulder. Follow the densely forested shoulder east in a flat area of horrendous brush to reach the base of a very steep hillside of brush and loose scree/gravel. Once up on top of this hillside, you are on a ridge crest and the slope eases considerably. There is a cattle fence to help you navigate the thick vegetation.

The ridge bends left/northeast then left/north to reach the [false] west summit. There IS an ATV trail/road here that goes east and gets you close to the [true] east summit. Follow this trail in mostly open terrain to approach the east summit. Leave the trail as it crests and is about to descend into the forest. Bushwhack briefly left/north to reach the true summit, which is a forested knob hidden among some boulders. The brush is quite thick here. There is a small cairn on the highest boulder but no obvious USGS benchmark.

The ATV trail/road on the ridge crest is probably FST-131/Lookout Mountain Trail. Unfortunately, it dies out at the west summit and is GONE. Unless it reappears later (a chance that I was not willing to take), the intensely thick forest/brush for that route would be more lengthy and awful than the southwest ridge route.

Additional Resources

Mountain Range: Big Hole and Snake River Mountains

Longitude: -111.56769   Latitude: 43.63579

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