Lookout Mountain 6727

Elevation: 6,727 ft
Prominence: 627

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This peak is not in the book.

There are seven Lookout Mountains in Idaho as well as four Lookout Buttes, two Lookout Points, and two Lookout Peaks. This Lookout Mountain is located in the Selkirk Mountains, 4 miles east of the north end of Priest Lake. The mountain is located within the Priest Lake State Forest, which is managed by the State of Idaho via the Idaho Department of Lands, which also operates the lookout on the summit.

There are directions to the summit in the fine book, 100 Hikes in the Inland Northwest, by Hugh Landers and Ida Rowe Dolphin (1987). However, given the passage of time and the fact that I have not traveled to this summit, I recommend speaking with the Idaho Department of Lands before attempting the peak.

There appear to be two potential access roads. One follows Lion Creek and leads to a trail that climbs up the peak’s Southern Slopes to the summit. The other road climbs up the peak’s Western Slopes to a trailhead for Lookout Lake. It has been my experience that on these State lands, the roads require 4WDs. Trails are infrequently, if ever, maintained and logging operations can and do wipe out trails. For additional information, check out the Outdoor Idaho page on this lookout. Class 1-2. USGS Caribou Creek

Lookout Mountain 6727

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Mountain Range: Selkirk Mountains

Longitude: -116.76889   Latitude: 48.77289

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