Lookout Mountain 6727

Elevation: 6,727 ft
Prominence: 627

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IThis peak is not in the book. Trisha Thomason contributed update route information and photos. Updated December 2022

There are seven Lookout Mountains in Idaho as well as four Lookout Buttes, two Lookout Points, and two Lookout Peaks. This Lookout Mountain is located in the Selkirk Mountains, 4 miles east of the north end of Priest Lake. It is part of the Priest Lake State Forest which is managed by the Idaho Department of Lands to generate income and not for recreational pursuits. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful mountain with spectacular views of some of Idaho’s most impressive mountain terrain and well worth visiting. USGS Caribou Creek

This, the original Lookout Mountain lookout, was built in 1909, and restored in the 1980s. Trisha Thomason Photo


As you will see from reviewing the map set out below the western slopes of this peak are a maze of Idaho Department of Land’s logging roads. As a result of the maze of roads there are a lot other potential access options. Trisha Thomason‘s GPS track shown below is worth a thousand words. From the Lionhead CG follow the road up Caribou Creek to the junction at the base of the switchbacks. Keep right and drive the switchbacks to the Lookout Lake Trailhead.

Trisha Thomason‘S GPS tracks for the drive and hike.

I should note that are likely other ways to access Lookout Mountain. However, it has been my experience that on these State of Idaho lands are infrequently, if ever, maintained other than for current logging operations can and do wipe out trails. Always check with the Idaho Department of Lands about current access conditions.

Lookout Lake/Lookout Mountain Trail, Class 1 by Trisha Thomason

Hiked this 10/02/2022. Took the road up the western slope to the trailhead for Lookout Lake. Trail to the lake is narrow and brushy. Past the lake the trail is easy to follow and eventually joins a FS road that is the steepest part of the climb ending at the summit. It has been extensively used by 4-wheelers and has a lot of loose rock. Two lookouts are located on the summit. The platform lookout (and newer of the two) has been mostly dismantled and there are signs saying keep off. The older lookout is being maintained by historic lookout association. You cannot enter the lookout but can see inside it. The views of Priest Lake and Upper Priest Lake are good along with views to the south of the Selkirk range. Was still smoky from local fires in the Selkirks in Oct. 2022. From the trailhead to the summit the trail covers 2.5 miles and gains 1,500 feet.

The expansive view of the northern Selkirks from Lookout Mountain. Trisha Thomason Photo

Priest Lake from the summit. Trisha Thomason Photo

Trisha Thomason Photo

Lookout Mountain 6727

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Mountain Range: Selkirk Mountains

Longitude: -116.76889   Latitude: 48.77289

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