Marshall Peak

Elevation: 9,776 ft
Prominence: 986

This peak, unfortunately, is not in the book.

Marshall Peak  is located in an area where the Boise Mountains, the Sawtooths Range and the Smoky Mountains merge. It is considered part of the Smoky Mountains. The peaks rises steeply out of the upper reaches of the South Fork Boise River and is just north of Paradise Peak. It is a seldom visited summit is and an excellent vantage point for viewing a huge chunk of Idaho backcountry.

The final stretch to the summit.

The final stretch to the summit.


The most direct route is from the South Fork Boise River. [(E)(2.1) page 155] As of 2013, the road deteriorated after Bear Creek enters the South Fork. There were good campsites in this area. Unless, the road has been improved recently this is where your climb will begin.

Western Slopes/West Ridge, Class 2

From your parking spot follow the South Fork road north, crossing Emma Creek. The road climbs up Emma Creek (ignore the ATV trails) and away from the South Fork heading toward a 6,800 saddle. As you approach the saddle look for a food spot to leave the road and start up the peak’s west slopes. These slopes eventually narrow down and form the west ridge. Follow the ridge to the summit. Depending on your starting point you may have up to 3,800 of elevation gain. This is a steep but rewarding climb.

Marshall Peak map

Marshall Peak map

USGS Quad: Marshall Peak



Climber Trip Reports

Mountain Range: Smoky Mountains

Year Climbed: 2013

Longitude: -114.89009   Latitude: 43.77301


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