Mount Baal

Elevation: 9,180 ft
Prominence: 160

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Climbing and access information for this peak is on Page 99 of the book.

Mount Baal is more of a formation than a peak because its prominence is less than 200 feet. However, it was named as a peak by A.H. Marshall and it’s not easy to reach, making it a good destination for scramblers. Please note that the book’s elevation figure for Mount Baal has been revised. USGS He Devil

Mount Ball from the Ogre.

Mount Ball as viewed from The Ogre.

Mount Baal. John Platt Photo

Mount Baal. John Platt Photo

 See John Platt’s 2014 trip report.

Additional Resources

Mountain Range: Seven Devil Mountains

Year Climbed: 1984

Longitude: -116.533349   Latitude: 45.326203

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