Mount Hoopes

Elevation: 10,740 ft
Prominence: 520

Climbing and access information for this Lemhi peak is found on page 311. 

Mount Hoopes is located due south of Tyler Peak. Although it is one of the most impressive of the southern Lemhi Range peaks, Mount Hoopes is seldom climbed. In December of 2015 Larry Prescott and Jeremy Smith made a bold traverse of the peak utilizing a vehicle approach up the North Fork Road and then a snowshoe approach via Camp Creek. Their 2015 ascent was the first know winter ascent in 2015. They climbed the peak from Camp Creek on the west side of the Lemhi crest and then joined Rick Baugher’s route (set out in the book) by climbing the peak’s south ridge to the summit. Rick and Larry’s trip reports are linked below.

Mount Hoopes

The summit of Mount Hoopes. Larry Prescott Photo

Larry Prescott's GPS track.

Larry Prescott’s GPS track.


Mountain Range: Lemhi Range

First Ascent Information:

  • Other First Ascent: First Winter ascent
  • Year: 2015
  • Season: Winter
  • Party: Larry Prescott and Jeremy Smith

Longitude: -112.95979   Latitude: 43.97969

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