Mount Manning by Margo Mandella

Elevation: 7,705 ft
Prominence: 445

Mt. Manning's gentle summit ridge. photo - Steve Mandella

This peak is not in the book.

Mount Manning lies west of Driggs, Idaho, in the Big Hole Mountains within the Caribou-Targhee National Forest. The peak is easily accessed from Horseshoe Canyon, where a large parking lot is available just north of the peak. This lot is a popular staging area for hikers, mountain and dirt bikers, off-highway vehicle users, hunters, and winter sports enthusiasts, as there are many trails and recreational opportunities that can be accessed from this point.

West Ridge Approach

Trail 219 to access Mt. Manning. photo - Steve Mandella

219 trailhead to access Mount Manning. Steve Mandella photo.

From the north, take Trail 219, South Horseshoe Creek Trail, and hike south. Continue until the trail turns southwest sharply around 6,600 ft. Here you can begin to see the mountain’s west ridge. Trail 219 parallels the south fork of Horseshoe Creek and eventually crosses the creek. Continue to hike 219 until you see an area to cross the creek and bushwhack a forgiving forested area at the mountain’s base to access the west ridge. This lower ridge section is the steepest part of the ascent.

Mt. Manning's gentle summit ridge. photo - Steve Mandella

Mount Manning’s gentle summit ridge. Steve Mandella photo.

Climb until you reach the summit ridge and continue following it to the south, arriving at the peak’s summit and a small cairn. Enjoy views of the Big Hole mountains to the south and west, and the Teton Mountain range to the east. To return, backtrack your ascent route or continue to follow the ridge to the southwest. Descend to the lower part of the mountain and then traverse north, bushwhacking through less forested areas, until you reach and cross the creek, which is close to Trail 219. When back on the trail, head north to the trailhead and parking lot.

Other Routes

Other routes to the summit are possible using ridgelines accessed via trails 219, 234 (Twin Creek Trail), and 195 (Nickelson Grove Trail), which together circumnavigate the peak.

Mt. Manning's west ridge approach. GPS track - Margo Mandella

Mount Manning west ridge loop (approximately 4 miles and 1,200 feet elevation gain). GPS track – Margo Mandella.

Class 2

USGS Topo: Garns Mountain

USFS Travel Map

Additional Resources

Mountain Range: Big Hole and Snake River Mountains

Longitude: -111.28669   Latitude: 43.70279

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