N Mountain

Elevation: 8,870 ft
Prominence: 1,350

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N Mountain viewed from the south.

This peak is not in the book. Published July 2019

N Mountain is located west of the main Beaverhead Mountains Crest above 4th of July Creek. A recent forest fire partially burned trees on the North Ridge. The views of the Beaverhead Crest are outstanding. USGS Shewag Lake

N Mountain viewed from the south.

N Mountain as viewed from the south.


Access from US-93 is via the well signed 4th of July Creek Road/FS-071 [(A)(2) on Page 328]. This road is paved at first, then gravel and finally a narrow 4WD road that eventually leads to the Stein Lookout. Take the road to the saddle on the peak’s North Ridge. This drive covers 13.2 miles and climbs 4,740 feet.

An overview of the road approaches.

An overview of the road approaches.

North Ridge, Class 2

From the road, follow the North Ridge to the summit. A trail of sorts is developing in a fire break built to stop the spread of the recent fire. Round trip stats: 1.0 mile with about 300 feet of elevation gain.

The route up the north ridge.

The route up the North Ridge.

Additional Resources

Mountain Range: Beaverhead Range

Year Climbed: 2019

Longitude: -113.86389   Latitude: 45.44289

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