Ohio Benchmark

Elevation: 8,753 ft
Prominence: 1,973

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This peak is not in the book. Livingston Douglas added a photo which shows the peak from a different perspective. Updated November 2022

Ohio Benchmark, locally known as Mindbender, is located north-northeast of Hailey on a ridge line that divides Ohio Gulch and East Fork Wood River. It is a large peak with an exceptional view of the Hyndman Peak section of the Pioneer Mountains crest. USGS Baugh Creek SW

Ohio Benchmark, locally know as Mindbender. This photo shows Mindbender’s most iconic feature–the chutes down the north face. Derek Percoski Photo


From ID-75 at the north end of Hailey, turn east onto East Myrtle Street. Follow this street for five block or 0.5 miles, turn left onto Buttercup Road. Follow Buttercup Road north for 1.4 miles and turn right onto Indian Creek Road. Indian Creek Road is paved. Follow it northeast up the drainage. At 3.0 miles the paved road swings right and a dirt road continues straight. Follow the dirt road past a couple of houses and onto public land. The road eventually leads to the summit in 9.46 miles from the it’s start it’s junction with Buttercup Road. The upper reaches of the road are steep, rutted in places and cross long stretches of talus. A 4WD is required.

It is 9.46 miles to the summit from the Buttercup Road with 3,500 feet of elevation gain. It’s Peak 8083 not Peak 8063. My error.

Southeast Ridge, Class 1

Although you can drive to the summit parking on the ridge below Peak 8063 will allow you two stretch your legs and climb Ohio Benchmark and it’s two neighbors: Peak 8345 and Peak 8063. From the parking spot below Peak 8063 follow the 4WD road to the summit of Ohio Benchmark. This hike will cover 1.4 miles and gain 1,025 feet of elevation.

Looking toward the summit of Ohio Benchmark from the parking spot. The steepest section of the road is visible.

The final stretch to the summit

The 3-peak route that I followed. This route covers 5.54 miles with roughly 1,600 feet of elevation gain. It’s Peak 8083 not Peak 8063. My error.

A memorial to a deceased dirt bike rider on the summit

The Pioneer Mountains crest as viewed from the summit

Ohio Benchmark (left of center) and its magnificent, narrow southwest ridge as viewed from Peak 6702 to its southwest. The southwest ridge (skyline) descends diagonally left in the photo. Livingston Douglas Photo


Mountain Range: Pioneer Mountains

Longitude: -114.25049   Latitude: 43.62419

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