Peak 10343 (West Rocky Peak)

Elevation: 10,343 ft
Prominence: 523

Climbing and access information for this peak is found on page 301. Livingston Douglas provided the following route information.

This unofficially named peak is located on the main Lemhi crest due west of officially named Rocky Peak. USGS Yellow Peak

West Ridge Route, Class 2

I climbed West Rocky on July 20, 2017 while en route to Rocky Peak. Use the Middle Fork Little Timber Creek Trail Approach (A)(8.2)(a) [Page 314 of the book].

Hike up the Middle Fork Little Timber Creek Trail for 3.75 miles to a well-marked trail junction at a pass (9,500 feet). From the pass, scramble east across an open grassy field briefly; then enter the steep, mostly-open forest. Climb northeast up through the forest, staying to the climber’s right/east of the ridge crest.

Higher up, the climb becomes more of a face climb than a ridge climb. At approximately 10,000 feet, climb east up a mix of talus and boulders. Finally, at 10,200 feet, the west ridge becomes well defined. Follow the ridge crest east over a false summit to gain the summit of Peak 10343/West Rocky Peak.

Climber Trip Reports

Mountain Range: Lemhi Range

Longitude: -123.50719   Latitude: 44.54359

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