Peak 10776 (Tuscany Peak)

Elevation: 10,776 ft
Prominence: 346

Climbing and access information for this peak is on Page 325 of the book. The access directions in the book are no longer valid due to a road closure. Use the access information set out below. Updated January 2020

Tuscany Peak is a ragged jumble of broken rock that is located 0.8 mile northwest of Italian Peak. USGS Scott Peak

Tuscany Peak from the Scott Peak/Huhs Horn saddle.

Tuscany Peak as viewed from the Scott Peak/Huhs Horn saddle.

Access by Livingston Douglas 

From the junction of ID-28 and ID-33 in Mud Lake, drive N on ID-28 for 42.5 miles to [signed] Nicholia Road. Nicholia Road is located 6.1 miles N of the Kaufman Picnic Area on ID-28. Turn R/NNE onto Nicholia Road and drive 3.1 miles to an unsigned junction with a dirt road that runs southward at the base of the mountains. Drive 4.5 miles S on this dirt road to reach an unsigned L turn for Scott Canyon. You will pass 2 turnoffs for Eidelman Canyon (at 0.9 miles and 1.6 miles), a turnoff for Italian Canyon (at 2.5 miles), and a sign for Irish Canyon (at 3.7 miles) on the way.

At 4.5 miles, reach an unsigned left turnoff for Scott Canyon Road. Reset your odometer. At 0.3 miles, enter the Targhee National Forest (signed). The road is now officially FSR-190. At 1.8 miles, pass Blind Canyon (signed on left). At 2.9 miles, reach an unsigned road junction. FSR-190/Scott Canyon Road is badly rutted past this point. You may want to park on this old side road if necessary (7,509 feet). If your vehicle and road conditions permit, drive another mile to the end of FSR-190 at 3.9 miles. This is the parking area for two trails: FST-006 and FST-174. FST-006 is a MC trail that heads up Scott Canyon. The trailhead parking area is a large grassy meadow at a fork in the canyon. There are some shaded, dispersed campsites on the R/S side of the meadow.

On 8/9/01, Rick Baugher followed the route described in the book. Here is his report.

From a locked gate at 7,200 feet in Scott Canyon on the Idaho side of the Beaverhead Mountains, follow a single-track motorcycle trail up Scott Canyon. Off trail, ascend rubbly gully north to reach a 10,020-foot saddle. This is the Southwest Spur of Italian Peak. Having already done Italian Peak, I opted for a debatable shortcut by doing a longish side-hilling ascent to the 10,420-foot Italian/Tuscany saddle on the Continental Divide. From here, I followed a game trail northwest on the ridge until faced with gnarly rotten limestone towers.”

Passed around these obstacles by finding a ledge system along the headwall of the Nicholia Creek drainage on the Montana side. Rick Baugher Photo

I passed around these obstacles by finding a ledge system along the headwall of the Nicholia Creek drainage on the Montana side. Rick Baugher Photo and Commentary

“With a little Class 3 climbing, I gained the 10,776-foot summit of Tuscany Peak. Built a cairn and left a register on this remote summit. Found something like a nylon gasket, indicating someone in the recent past had been up here. Farther to the northwest, on Point 10645, was an iron Stateline Milepost Marker (MP 576) placed by the Carpenter Stateline Survey in 1905.”

SW aspect of Tuscany Peak as seen from 'Little Caesar' 9041' (forks of Italian Canyon) on 7/29/11. Tuscany summit is on right, about in center of ragged portion." Rick Baugher Photo

The Southwest Aspect of Tuscany Peak as seen from “Little Caesar” (9,041 feet) and the forks of Italian Canyon (7/29/11). The summit of Tuscany Peak is on the right, about in the center of a ragged portion. Rick Baugher Photo


Additional Resources

Mountain Range: Beaverhead Range

Longitude: -112.8642   Latitude: 44.3699

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