Peak 10860 (Devils Bedstead West, North Summit) by Derek Percoski

Elevation: 10,860 ft
Prominence: 280

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My line up the face. Derek Percoski Photo

This peak is not in the book. Published December 2019

Peak 10860 is located just north of the true summit of Devils Bedstead West. The prize of this peak is the shape of the summit ridge. It is a sharp edge with just enough room to sit up top and look down a 1,000-foot drop. The North Ridge could possibly make for a great scramble, but there are sections of unbroken rock that may cause trouble. I would have attempted it but I had my dogs with me. USGS Phi Kappa Mountain

My line up the face. Derek Percoski Photo

Devils Bedstead West (North Summit) with my route line up the face as viewed from Kane Creek. Derek Percoski Photo


Approach the basin via Summit Creek Trail [(A)(3)(a) on Page 258] or the Kane/Summit Connector Trail, Right Fork Kane Creek [(A)(4)(a) on Page 258].

Northwest Face, Class 3

The route follows a faintly-defined ridge up a stable boulder field (Class 2+). The favorable path will lead you to small notch in the summit ridge. From there, it’s about 200 vertical feet of easy Class 3 climbing to the summit.

View from Wilson Creek Peak. Derek Percoski Photo

View from the West Shoulder of Devils Bedstead West. Derek Percoski Photo

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Mountain Range: Pioneer Mountains

Longitude: -114.18169   Latitude: 43.79419

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