Peak 6131 by Paul Leclerc

Elevation: 6,131 ft
Prominence: 351

Peak 6131. Paul Leclerc Photo

This peak is not in the book. Published August 2019

Peak 6131 is located east of Hayden Peak and the main Silver City Range crest. USGS Toy Pass

Peak 6131. Paul Leclerc Photo

Peak 6131. Paul Leclerc Photo


See the access section on the Red Mountain page for directions.

Northeast ridge, Class 1,2 by Paul Leclerc 6/23/2019

I climbed this peak on 6/23/2019 from the Red Mountain trailhead. From the starting point follow the road southeast for about 0.3 miles until you reach Road C206 on the right. The sign designating C206 was down on the ground when I was there so you may miss it. Follow C206 (you cross a gate at about 1 mile) to its end in about 2.1 miles.

Road C206 leading to Peak 6131 pictured at center. Paul Leclerc Photo

Road C206 leading to Peak 6131 pictured at center. Paul Leclerc Photo

From the end of the road, gain the ridge and approach the slightly steeper section just north and east of the summit.  Depending on your route along the way, you may have to crawl under several fences. After hiking up the steep part, it flattens out and the approach to the summit is pretty mild.  Use your GPS to find the exact summit since there are a few false summits.

As with its neighbors, Red and Lead Mt, the views from Peak 6131 are awesome.  You can see the major peaks of the Owyhees – Hayden, Turntable and Quicksilver.

3.4 miles, 2050 feet of gain one-way, 6.9 miles, 2190 feet of gain round-trip.


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Mountain Range: Owyhee Mountains

Longitude: -116.6109   Latitude: 42.99139

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