Peak 6292 (Caddy Canyon Peak) by Livingston Douglas

Elevation: 6,292 ft
Prominence: 316

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This peak is not in the book. Published November 2019

Peak 6292 is one of three ranked summits located on a ridgeline that runs west-to-east from Blackrock Canyon to Sawmill Creek Canyon. Peak 6292 is at the head of Caddy Canyon and has a trail all the way to the summit. The BLM Chinese Peak—Blackrock Trail System Map shows all of the BLM trails in this area. The Blackrock Trail System Map is available in print form at Pocatello BLM office or online in a PDF file format. This is all BLM land. USGS Inkom

West Ridge, Class 1


Blackrock Canyon Road is located on a frontage road (“W Old Hwy 91”) on the south side of I-15 just east of Portneuf, ID. The road junction is 1.0 mile east of the railroad crossing at Fort Hall Mine Road at the east end of Portneuf. It is 0.8 mile east of the stop sign after you exit southbound I-15 for the “Portneuf Area”. It is just west of the hamlet of Blackrock, ID on the frontage road. Blackrock Canyon Road is signed with a small street sign so look for it.

Drive 2.3 miles up Blackrock Canyon Road to the 2nd (upper) parking area. There is a toilet and a turnaround area here. The elevation here is 4,850 feet. This is the trailhead for [signed] BLM Trail #3113. This trailhead is NOT in Blackrock Canyon. It is located at the mouth of an unnamed canyon to the east of Blackrock Canyon. Trail #3113 is an ATV trail.

The Climb

This climb is part of a ridge traverse from Peak 6359 and a descent back to the trailhead for BLM Trail #3113. It begins at the junction of BLM Trail #3113 and BLM Trail #319 (the ridge crest trail). From the junction on the ridge, follow Trail #319 southeast to a saddle (5,976 feet). There is a signed trial junction here with BLM Trail #354 which descends down an unnamed canyon and back to the trailhead for Trail #3113.

Go straight/east on Trail #319 at this junction and ascend up the ridge to reach another signed trail junction. Trail #319 ends here. Go left/northeast onto rougher, rockier BLM Trail #350. Follow Trail #350 down 40 to 50 vertical feet to a minor saddle then up to the summit of Peak 6292. This summit is a small open summit of broken scree. There was no summit cairn on top.

West Ridge/Southwest Canyon, Class 1


Same as for the west ridge

The Descent

From the summit, descend southwest on BLM Trail #350 back to Trail #319. Follow Trail #319 down to a ridge saddle and junction with Trail #354. Go left/south on Trail #354 and follow it as it descends an unnamed canyon and eventually reaches a junction with Trail #3113. Go left/west onto Trail #3113 to return to the trailhead parking area.

Additional Resources

Mountain Range: Pocatello Range

Longitude: -112.28119   Latitude: 42.83919

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