Peak 6390 (Fall Creek Hill) by Livingston Douglas

Elevation: 6,390 ft
Prominence: 370

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Fall Creek Hill. Google Earth Image

This peak is not in the book. Published November 2019

Fall Creek Hill is a handsome, steep hill that overlooks the lower reaches of Fall Creek, near its convergence with Trapper Creek. The West Face is wickedly steep and thickly forested; it has probably never been climbed. The North Ridge is a fun scramble from FSR-533, but it does require a fording of Fall Creek. Thankfully, Fall Creek is a piker when compared to nearby Trapper Creek. USGS Ibex Peak

Fall Creek Hill. Google Earth Image

Fall Creek Hill. Google Earth Image

North Ridge, Class 2

Date of Climb: October 4, 2019


Park at a large shade tree along FSR-533 just after the road turns south and crosses Trapper Creek. There is a small meadow here and a pullout area to park. The elevation here is 5,340 feet.

The Climb

Hike very briefly southward on FSR-533 to an open grassy area where you can easily access Fall Creek (and ford it) with minimal brush. FSR-533 makes a sharp R/W turn here. Make your way through the field grass (cattle graze here) and ford the relatively shallow (but not jump-able) Fall Creek. Once on the south side of the creek, bushwhack SE up through a short section of not-too-difficult forest to reach open sagebrush terrain and a cattle fence above the forest line.

Continue scrambling SE up the sagebrush slope to reach the now-obvious North Ridge of Peak 6390. Once on the easy, rounded ridge, grind your way S up the steepening ridge in open scrub, staying just L/E of the thick forest on the West Face. The open scrub to the L/E of the ridge crest is too angled to navigate quickly so work your way through scattered mountain mahogany and junipers on the ridge crest proper. The ridge soon bends R/SW and the forest gives way to open terrain. The final ridge section is a rockier scramble (gravel + embedded talus/scree) but is a cruise thanks to the short scrub. The footing is reasonably firm as the slope has eased significantly by now.

The ridge does a final jog L/SE to reach the high point. The high point has a few large boulders positioned closely together. There were no signs of previous ascent, so I built a modest cairn atop the highest ground boulder. While there are many other nearby peaks/humps of higher altitude, Peak 6390 is a legitimate, ranked summit and is a worthy endeavor and quite a fun climb!

Additional Resources

Mountain Range: South Hills

First Ascent Information:

  • Other First Ascent: North Ridge, Class 2
  • Year: 2019
  • Season: Fall
  • Party: Livingston Douglas

Longitude: -114.11319   Latitude: 42.12459

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