Peak 6562

Elevation: 6,562 ft
Prominence: 302

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Peak 6562 viewed from the east.

This peak is not in the book. Published June 2020

Peak 6562 is located at the south end of the Cotterel Mountains at the top of the Rice Creek drainage. While this section of the Cotterel Mountains is covered by junipers, the summit of Peak 6562 is open and has excellent views of the Albion Range. USGS Nibbs Creek

Peak 6562 viewed from the east.

Peak 6562 as viewed from the east


Access is from ID-77. ID-77 makes a 90-degree turn at a junction in the former town of Connor, Idaho. Follow ID-77 east from this junction for 3.6 miles. Turn left/north onto a BLM road with a cattleguard. Follow this 4WD road northwest to its end at a spring at 5,785 feet. See the map below. Park here. You can also access Peak 6330 and Peak 5721 from this road.

North Ridge, Class 2

The spring at the end of the road is fenced. A good cattle trail starts on the south side of the fence. Follow this trail up the Rice Creek drainage to the pass on Peak 6562’s north ridge. There is a fence line that runs up the ridge. Hike up the east side of the fence until you reach the base of the peak’s summit ridge. Cross under the fence and hike west to the summit. It is 0.9 miles from the spring to the summit with just under 700 feet of elevation gain. Notes: There is a gate on the saddle that can be used to negotiate the fence. In 2020, the fence was down near the summit ridge.

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Mountain Range: Albion Range

Year Climbed: 2020

Longitude: -113.48069   Latitude: 42.30879

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