Peak 6852 by Margo Mandella

Elevation: 6,852 ft
Prominence: 527

Summit cairn of Peak 6852. Steve Mandella photo

This peak is not in the book. Published November 2018

Peak 6852, just northeast of Hailey, Idaho, sits above a popular local hiking area. This peak is also known as Red Devil East. Red Devil Mountain, just to the west, is easily identifiable by its red rock on its west side. However, Red Devil Mountain is not a ranked peak.

Peak 6852 sees a lot of wildlife and there are game trails crisscrossing all over its western face. However, it’s the southwest ridge, which crosses the summit of non-ranked peak 6660, that is the most frequently climbed approach.

Peak 6852 (left), highpoint 6660 (right). Photo Margo Mandella

Peak 6852 (left), highpoint 6660 (right). Photo Margo Mandella


Traveling north to Hailey on Highway 75, continue into downtown Hailey on Main Street until you reach Croy Street. Here, turn right (northeast) and continue northeast until Croy turns to the southeast. At this corner, begin looking for Quigley Drive to your left (northeast). Turn onto Quigley Drive and take it to the end of the pavement where you’ll find a parking area on the left and a trailhead sign.

Southwest Ridge Route, Class 1+/2-

The climb to Peak 6852 begins at this trailhead. As the GPS track shows, we climbed to the summit of highpoint 6100 and followed the path east to the base of highpoint 6660. We ascended to 6660’s summit and continued on the trail over the upper saddle to Peak 6852’s summit.

On the way down, we backtracked the trail and once we reached the lower saddle, we branched onto a gully trail, eventually connecting to the main traverse trail back to the trailhead. Coming down this way, we briefly skied a little scree off the main trail taking a shorter, sportier way to the traverse trail. However, if we hadn’t turned as soon, we would have connected to the main traverse trail and missed the scree entirely. But on the traverse trail, there is a slab rock section that you will need to negotiate, but it’s easy enough to do. Minor obstacles either way keeps things interesting. 🙂

Summit cairn of Peak 6852. Steve Mandella photo

Summit cairn of Peak 6852. Peaks 8120 (left) and 8189 in the background. Steve Mandella photo

Several hiking/spur trails intersperse with game trails and braid around the lower elevations of the peak. There’s no doubt a more direct ascent and various climbing combination(s) you can use via the southwest approach. Our path takes you right up the steep ridge and keeps you high on the ridge to enjoy great views the entire way. Regardless, however you choose to approach the summit via the southwest, you can stay on a trail the entire climb.

The most challenging part of the climb is from the saddle after highpoint 6100 to the summit of highpoint 6660. This 600-foot west-facing section is dry, steep, and the surface can be loose with rocks/pebbles on hardpack. Even with a trail to the top, the grade of this section might pose a challenge for some folk, thus the in-between rating. In general, I consider this a “sport hike” for most peak baggers, challenging enough for a workout and a great early season conditioner.

Trip Stats: 3.41 miles and 1,437 feet elevation gain.

Track for Peak 6852. Orange is a connector to the gully trail. Track - Margo Mandella

Track for Peak 6852. Orange leg connects to the gully trail. Track – Margo Mandella

USGS Topo: Hailey

Climber Trip Reports

Mountain Range: Pioneer Mountains

Longitude: -114.28739   Latitude: 43.53939

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