Peak 7362 (Skyline Peak)

Elevation: 7,362 ft
Prominence: 302

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Skyline Peak viewed from the south.

This peak is not in the book. Published June 2020

Skyline Peak sits on the main Albion Range crest midway between Mount Harrison and Mount Independence. The peak has two summits of nearly equal height. The Skyline Trail crosses its summit. USGS Mount Harrison

Skyline Peak viewed from the south.

Skyline Peak as viewed from the south


This peak is accessed via FS-548, the Elba to Oakley Road [(A)(2) on Page 351]. From either Elba or Oakley, Idaho follow this road to Basin Elba Pass. Park on the pass. Google Maps will provide good directions to the pass.

Skyline Trail, Class 1

The Skyline Trail starts on the pass and runs north to Twin Lakes. The trail is an old road until it reaches Skyline Peak. This an up-and-down route that covers 5.0 miles and 479 feet of elevation gain round trip. The trail is open to motorcycles.

The Skyline Trailhead.

The Skyline trailhead

The route to the summit is mostly open.

The route to the summit is mostly open

Additional Resources

Mountain Range: Albion Range

Year Climbed: 2020

Longitude: -113.70939   Latitude: 42.27449

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