Peak 7405 by Livingston Douglas

Elevation: 7,405 ft
Prominence: 905

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The summit cairn atop Peak 7405 with the [lower] East Summit hump behind, and left of, the cairn. Livingston Douglas Photo

This peak is not in the book. Published December 2019

Deer Creek Road has a lot of private property along it. The south ridge of Peak 7405 follows the boundary line between National Forest land and private land, with a cattle fence as the demarcation line. The summit of Peak 7405 is on public land, but much of the east side of the mountain is not on public land. Be careful with your route selection for this peak. Peak 7405 shares a beautiful ridge line with Peak 7315 to the east. This area is free of snow long before its northerly neighbors melt out. USGS Mahoney Butte

South Ridge, Class 2+


Deer Creek Road/FSR-097 is located on ID-75, 1.9 miles north of the street light at Albertson’s in Hailey, ID. Turn left/west onto [signed] Deer Creek Road and drive 4.0 miles to the Sawtooth National Forest boundary. Park in a pullout on the right/north side of the road just inside the boundary. The elevation here is 5,610 feet.

The summit cairn atop Peak 7405 with the [lower] East Summit hump behind, and left of, the cairn. Livingston Douglas Photo

The summit cairn atop Peak 7405 with the [lower] east summit hump behind, and left of, the cairn. Livingston Douglas Photo

The Climb

From the National Forest boundary, scramble up VERY STEEP, loose scree/talus (Class 2+). Stay to the left/west of the cattle fence that serves as the border between private and public land. The slope eases after about 200 vertical feet of ascent and grass/scrub takes over. Continue to follow the fence row until it moves away and to the right/east of the ridge crest. Grind your way up the well-defined ridge until you reach the [lower] east summit of Peak 7405.

It is VERY CLOSE in height to the true/measured west summit. Stand atop both summits JUST TO BE SURE. There is a minor saddle that separates them. The east summit is a gentle scrub hump. The west summit is a scrub hump with some embedded protruding talus. The west summit had a small cairn so I enlarged it with the few pieces of loose talus that I could find.

Northeast Ridge, Class 2


Same as for the south ridge. This is a loop route that begins and ends at the toe of the south ridge along Deer Creek Road/FSR-097.

The Descent

From the west summit, return to the east summit and begin the tedious, up-and-down ridge traverse northeast to Peak 7315. The ridge terrain is not rocky but it does have sections of aspens and brush that get a bit thick. You will find occasional elk trails on the ridge to help expedite your journey. After a couple of ridge humps and minor saddles, you reach the final saddle at the base of the west ridge of Peak 7315. This is the terminus of the northeast ridge of Peak 7405. In spite of areas of private land on the ridge crest, there is no signage or fencing prohibiting entry into this area.

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Mountain Range: Smoky Mountains

Longitude: -114.41029   Latitude: 43.57379

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