Peak 7445 (Spar 12)

Elevation: 7,445 ft
Prominence: 525

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This peak is not in the book. Published June 2022

This peak, along with Peak 8208, form a gateway on Spar Canyon Road. There is a cairn on the summit without a register and a painted notation that names the peak “Spar 12.” The views of the White Cloud Peaks from the summit are outstanding. USGS Lone Pine Peak

Spar 12 as viewed from Spar Benchmark. Steve Mandella Photo

The painted name found on the summit


Spar Canyon Road is the primary access for the Northern Boulder Mountain peaks [(D)(1) on Page 243].  Spar Canyon Road can be accessed from US-93 in the east or from East Fork Salmon River Road in the west. The road is maintained except during the Winter. It is subject to occasional flash floods and can be difficult to drive when wet. All of the side roads departing from the Spar Canyon Road require high-clearance vehicles and 4WDs are recommended.

To reach the 4WD road that leads to Peak 7794 from US-93, follow Spar Canyon Road west for 8.8 miles where there is a pullout on the north side of the road. To reach this junction from the west, follow East Fork Salmon River Road south from ID-75 for 4.1 miles, turn left/east, and follow Spar Canyon Road east for 5.9 miles to the pullout. Park here.

Northeast Ridge, Class 2

Peak 7445 or Spar 12 can be climbed by numerous lines from the road. Our loop trip ascended to the northeast ridge and then followed the ridge to the summit. We descended directly down the peak’s north face. Although not shown on the maps, a 4WD road ascends the drainage. This road follows the beginning of the route shown below and then swings northeast and then southeast where it crosses the peak’s northeast ridge in the vicinity of Sorrel Spring.

My GPS track for the the ascent and descent. This route covered 1.4 miles with 916 feet of elevation gain round trip.

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Mountain Range: Boulder Mountains

Year Climbed: 2022

Longitude: -114.18719   Latitude: 44.25259

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