Peak 7550 (Goodheart Peak)

Elevation: 7,550 ft
Prominence: 632

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This peak is not in the book. USGS Dry Valley

Rick Baugher’s trip report for this peak follows:

“Goodheart Peak” (7,550 feet elevation) was about the only summit I’ve found on the Schmid Ridge to be unoccupied (of sorts). On 6/23/13, I pulled off the Slug Creek Road and parked just south of what shows as the Knudsen Ranch on the Dry Valley quad. It’s now just an historically preserved barn. From here, I dirt biked east on a primitive BLM road that degenerated to a cow path. Parked at “Lonetree Saddle” (6,918 feet) inside the Caribou National Forest. With a street vehicle, I would have hiked the latter half of this two-mile stretch.

Anyhow, the easy part was over. The ascent heading south became a decided bushwhack which relented somewhat at the ridge top. Looked for signs of prior visitors, but with no luck. At the summit of Goodheart, built a small cairn and left a note, right next to an old cow pie.

From above Lonetree Saddle, view is to north aspect of Goodheart Peak. The brush mat averaged 3' high. Rick Baugher Photo

From above Lonetree Saddle, the view is to the North Aspect of Goodheart Peak. The brush mat averaged 3 feet high. Rick Baugher Photo

The cowpie summit of Goodheart Peak on the Schmid Ridge, 6/23/13. Rick Baugher Photo

The cow pie summit of Goodheart Peak on the Schmid Ridge (6/23/13). Rick Baugher Photo

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Mountain Range: Peale Mountains

Longitude: -111.31919   Latitude: 42.69011

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