Peak 7932 by Livingston Douglas

Elevation: 7,932 ft
Prominence: 512

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The forested high point of Peak 7932. Livingston Douglas Photo

This peak is not in the book. Published November 2020

Peak 7932 is a forested mountain that is tucked behind other peaks and/or ridges and is difficult to reach. The easiest access is via FST-444 (an ATV trail) from FSR-189/FSR-169 and Tincup Road/FSR-117. Peak 7932 towers over the lengthy Tincup Creek drainage. It is rarely climbed and is a lengthy bushwhack. USGS Caribou Mountain

The forested high point of Peak 7932. Livingston Douglas Photo

The forested high point of Peak 7932. Livingston Douglas Photo


Same as for Peak 7522. This is the second leg of a two-peak journey that begins along Tincup Road/FSR-117.

Southwest Ridge, Class 2

The Climb

From the 6,900-foot crossing of the small stream in the drainage that separates Peak 7932 from Peak 7522, bushwhack east through open brush up onto a low shoulder. From there, head east across a dry gully and bushwhack diagonally upward and right up through a short patch of thick aspens to reach the rounded, ill-defined southwest ridge. The lower half of the ridge is mostly open terrain of sagebrush/brush with gaps and, though steep, it goes quickly. Higher up, the open scrub ends and pine forest takes over.

Bushwhack northeast up through the somewhat-tedious forest of pines, blowdown, and some open meadows/brush to reach an open meadow on the summit cap. Bend left-ish/north here to reach the high point. The summit high point is in the pine forest, near the open meadow. There is a small cairn atop a large boulder in the forest. I walked around up here for a bit and found that the area just inside the forest (with a few boulders) is the high point, NOT the adjacent meadow (albeit by only 5-10 feet, according to my altimeter).

Additional Resources

Mountain Range: Caribou Range

Longitude: -111.27279   Latitude: 43.02429

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