Peak 8070 by Livingston Douglas

Elevation: 8,070 ft
Prominence: 370

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This peak is not in the book. This summit is the highest point in the White Knob Mountains Wilderness Study Area. Published November 2020

Peak 8070 (also known as the White Knob Mountains WSA HP) is located southwest of Waddoups Canyon. Waddoups Canyon Road skirts its east flanks, north flanks, and west flanks, offering multiple ways to skin this cat. The easiest route is via the northwest ridge from the high point on Waddoups Canyon Road at a saddle (7,700 feet). A more scenic and challenging route is its east ridge. USGS Grouse

Peak 8070 as viewed from the road saddle to its northwest. Livingston Douglas Photo


Antelope Creek Road/FSR-137 is located 11.5 miles north of the Conoco gas station at the south end of Arco, ID on US-93. The junction is poorly signed, so look for the road itself. Drive 9.1 miles southwest on FSR-137 to a signed junction for Waddoups Canyon Road. Drive 1.8 miles up Waddoups Canyon Road to a pullout on a minor hilltop (6,490 feet). This is the launch point for a climb of the east ridge.

East Ridge, Class 2

The Climb

From the hilltop, hike west up an old 2-track road (mostly just a grassy clearing now) that follows a dry gully to a saddle on the east ridge. Follow the ridge briefly north then northwest then west then northwest then west then northwest to the summit. Yes, the ridge wiggles a bit and has some ups and downs. But there are some elk trails to help you. Thankfully, the sagebrush thins out pretty early so, even without game trails, the ridge crest is a reasonable endeavor with fantastic views. The summit of Peak 8070 has a tall cairn atop it, visible from quite a distance. It also has a USGS benchmark.

Peak 8070 as viewed from midway up the east ridge. Livingston Douglas Photo

The large summit cairn atop Peak 8070 with rugged Sheep Mountain (9,649 feet) in the distance to the right. Livingston Douglas Photo

The USGS benchmark atop Peak 8070. Livingston Douglas Photo

Looking down the east ridge (left of center) of Peak 8070 from the summit. Livingston Douglas Photo

North Face, Class 2

The Descent

From the summit, descend north down a brushy shoulder, cross a dry gully and another shoulder to descend a final face section to reach Waddoups Canyon Road. Hike west up the road to a saddle at the base of the northwest ridge of Peak 8070. This concludes the first leg of today’s three-peak journey. Peak 8909 is up next. Please note that the northwest ridge is a easier, less complicated descent option.

Peak 8070 as viewed from Waddoups Canyon Road to the northeast. Livingston Douglas Photo

Additional Resources

Mountain Range: White Knob Mountains

Longitude: -113.59249   Latitude: 43.74979

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